Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Run Beth Run...

We were quite shocked when Beth came home from school to say that she had been picked to run in the schools B cross country team. She had never shown the slightest interest in running before and we were so surprised. She practiced at school for three whole weeks before the event, running on flat ground. I really don't think she had the slightest idea what she had let herself in for!!
On the day of the race we went along with hundreds of other kids. Beth's race, for the girls B teams was run first. She set off well on a circuit that took them into the woods and included a VERY steep hill that they all had to clamber up using their hands.
She ran very well for the first round but the hill sorted out the runners from the rest. We were very proud of Beth for finishing her first ever Cross Country race. We think this is likely to be be her last race as well!!


Debbielou said...

Well done Beth !! x

domestic goddess said...

wtg beth!!!