Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday Morning Entertainment.

A toss up between Beth and a player from Peartree.

Beth and David practicing !!!

The Runners Up - Minus Tears!!

Saturday Morning was Welwyn Garden City Primary Schools Netball Tournament which is held at Stanborough School. We (Panshanger Primary) had two teams entered, the A team and the B team!! There were two competitions in one, the B team played in a round robin with other B teams and the A team played in a knock out competition. The B team played well and won their competition.
Beth plays for the A team , they have been unbeaten for around the last 18 months and have won the last two tournaments. The first match of the tournament was against Peartree JMI, It was a really rough match with a lot of physical contact, which was odd as its not a contact sport!! After a hard slog the match ended a draw, which was a fair result as we had chances which we were not able to convert into goals. (it was incredibly windy and freezing cold!!)
We won the rest of the games in our section and went through to the semi-finals against Applecroft. Again we beat Applecroft and went into the final. We were in the final playing Peartree again. It was a very scrappy match which was very physical, this seemed to bring out the worse in our team and we struggled from the very beginning. Eventually after a very hard fought match Panshanger lost 3-2. There were lots of tears. The problem was they felt as if they had not lost fair and square. Our players were knocked over, elbowed and scratched, it seemed that every single penalty pass and shot went against us. None the less they received runners up medals and certificates and played a very good tournament!!


Travis Erwin said...

What is netball exactly? Looks like what we call a basketball in the picture but this is the first I've heard the term netball.

punknscrap said...

I used to play netball and occasionally it gets rough but it sounds like the team had a shocker of a day! Glad they came out nearly on top!

Debbielou said...

Well done Beth ! x

LuLu said...

Well done to Beth and her team. It was also great they received medals and cretificates. We have been to many tournaments (hockey not netball), where only the winners receive something. All the children should be congratulated for taking part !