Friday, February 29, 2008

Duxford on a cold and Windy Day!!!

Today I was lucky enough to be asked along on year six trip to Duxford. They have been studying the second world war and Duxford have a fabulous education centre. We started off in the classroom where they were shown all sorts of things including the life of an evacuee,life in a war time school, air raid shelters, make do and mend, living off the land, black out, all sorts of things. It was really interesting and quite sad as well, seeing the effect it had on people.

After lunch we walked for what seemed like a million miles into a fierce strong wind to the furthest exhibit, the land army. By the time we got there our eyes were streaming, my hands were blue and my ears felt battered and frozen!! We spent some time looking around before heading back to the American Airforce exhibit. I am pleased to report that it was actually quite hot in there and I sat down with the other adults to a very welcome cup of tea.

We headed back outside just in time for the rain to join the wind. It was a quick trip to the shop and then onto the coach for home. The heavens then really opened so we were lucky not to be outside then!!

It was a great day which is free to schools, I really think that they learnt something as well. Beth was lucky and got herself picked out to try out a gas mask, which she is modelling at the the top of this post!!


Sue said...

ahhh now you see I thought she was wearing it coz YOU had a windy day!!! ;)
Glad you all had fun!

Debbielou said...

I love going to Duxford - we used to have a years pass and take the kids up there - looks as though you had a great time !

Alexandra said...

Sounds like you had some fun! I had to wear one of those quite a lot when I was in Iraq....they get hot after awhile! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex