Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Saturday!!

Today has been a busy but productive day. I got up early to take Carl to work. Beth and I then stopped off at the Market and it was FREEZING, my eyes were watering and I felt about 108!! It is worth it because the fruit and veg are half the price of the supermarkets.

We then went onto Tescos and did the shopping, surprisingly it wasn't very busy so we whizzed around there and we were back in the house with the shopping put away by 10am! We then went around to see mum and dad and I tried out my new camera. (not really mine its a work camera, but I am looking after it!)So the pictures above are the result of my testing!

This afternoon I have managed to scrap some more of my holiday photos. Not too many left to do now, just as well as I am running out of Disney related Bellies!!

Tomorrow should be fun, I only have to be in two places at the same time twice. Beth has to be in Stevenage as she has a dress rehersal at The Gordon Craig Theatre and 20 minutes later Carl has to be at work in Hatfield, I have exactly the same problem at picking up time, the trials of being an unpaid taxi driver!


Tonya Williams said...

congrats on all your shopping and trips out! I have tagged you with the name game. Check out my blog and it has the instructions!


Debbielou said...

Lovely pictures Liz !I think we were still in our PJ's at 10am so well done to you - I love it when everything is done early x

Jen said...

Gorgeous pics. What camera is it? I was up bright and early yesterday and today, for that matter. It must be all that sunshine :)