Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Town Monday - on a Tuesday!!!!

I was blog hopping when I came across one that suggested that it would be good to blog about where we come from, so I thought that would be a good idea. The only thing is that it was to be done weekly on a Monday. So already on my first week I have failed!!

I live in a 'New' town. Welwyn Garden City. It is a very pretty town, the town centre has a nice fountain and lots of green areas as you can tell by these photos. When it was built all the houses were very similar and all buildings in the town centre looked good together. The new Towns Commission (before it was run by the council,) had strict rules about what people could and couldn't do with regards to their houses, for example, no TV aerials on the roof, all windows had to be small panes of glass. As years have gone by this has been relaxed and people pretty much do as they like now.

So there is the first thrilling installment of Life in My Town!!!


Debbielou said...

I love that bit of Welwyn ! x

Travis Erwin said...

Welcome aboard! I look forward to reading more on your town, even if it comes on a Tuesday.

NattyK said...

What lovely photo's, your town looks very nice. x

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Your town reminds me of mine (my main residence--not Grand Lake). It's a "planned town" so that there is "aesthetic continuity." The new part is only about 15 years old. I imagine (pray) as time goes on, folks will expand a bit and we'll see some diversity in house colors and plantings, etc. Diversity of people would be nice, too.

Beautiful town though.

suebaru said...

Looks familiar!!

Alexandra said...

Very pretty photos - loved that you shared them!

I noticed I am not listed on your SBS9 sisters list - have you kicked me out of the family?? LOL!

Can't wait to see they next installment! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

WordVixen said...

It's funny- the first time I'd heard of a "planned town" was visiting a friend who lived just outside of Glasgow. I didn't even know we had any in the US until several years later!

Debbie Yates said...

Your town sounds intriguing - in our area, there are several communities that have very strict guidelines for buildings, etc - I work in the construction industry and we call them "Traditional" Neighborhoods! Some are very cool and some are ridiculous - to each his own! TFS - God bless-

Maureen said...

This is great! Looks like a great place to visit!!

sorry I missed your birthday while I have been busy having computer problems...but I am a great "better late than never" kinda gal (remember how late I sent my Christmas cards??? LOL) so you never know when you might get a birthday greeting from me!!


Wendy said...

Such gorgeous photos, Lyzzy!

Have a great day!