Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fame at Last!!!

Last month with a flash of inspiration I 'tried out' for a place on Di Hickmans design Team, well I never made it into the full team, but I did make it as a guest designer and as a result have made cards for each week in February!!
Have a look at Di Hickman 's blog!!
Here are my first two, I had to follow a sketch that she gave me, the full write up is on her blog, but the stamps used are Inque Boutique coloured with twinkling H2O's.
I am pleased with how they have turned out, the black card is certainly not a traditional valentines cards!!!


Amber Porter said...

That is awesome! congratulations!! These cards are great.

Kim Marie said...

The cards are wonderful; I love the colors!
Big congrats!
Kim Marie

Manna said...

Lovely cards! Big Congrats on making the guest designer!

Debbielou said...

Liz - They are lovely -you are my most talented friend !

I have been truly inspired - I have today gone out and bought £20 quids worth of card making stuff - I'm not sure yet quite how I am going to make something that doesn't look like a pre school effort but you will have a home made birthday card this year!

Just don't laugh !! x

I still don't know what a twinkling H20 is - it sounds like some kind of diuretic! x

gina said...

Well done, great cards, look forward to seeing more of your lovely designs :)
gina x

Katie said...

Congratulations Lizzy! Great cards the black is fabulous!


suzann said...

Congratulations on being a Guest Designer!!! I will go to Di Hickmans Blog and heap lots of praise on you!!

Cards are fabulous!

NattyK said...

Congratulations, great cards. x

Maureen said...

congrats sis!! Love having famous family members! ;-) Cards are fab!

Ginger Claire said...

Looking good - I love your work xxx