Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day round up.

Yesterday as we all know was Valentines day. Tom is quite romantic and has always bought me gifts and a nice card every year since I have known him (28 years now!!)Yesterday he bought me a minature red rose bush. I love roses and they are always such a huge expense on Valentines day. I made him a card and gave him a packet of jelly lips!! He is the only person in the world who finds chocolate 'too sickly' I mean he is just not normal. He tells me that he can't finish a whole mars bar, for goodness sake I think that is bordering on abnormality which needs medical intervention!!
Yesterday saw beth receive a Valentines present and card from a special friend. She had decided to make him a card. We went out and bought a present with her pocket money. The funny thing was that they both had very similar ideas, cute teddies and chocolates !! She is so proud of the present and card!! Ah young love!!


Alexandra said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines Day! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Debbielou said...

Ahh ! Although I love chocolate I do know what Tom means about Mars Bars - they are really sickly. I only like them if they have been in the fridge. I think it's the bottom mallowy part which is the hard bit to get through. Malc is a chocoholic and he loves Toblerone ( that almost breaks your teeth when it has been in the fridge!)
Sam really liked his valentine suprise - the card was particularly lovely - funny how they both picked the same things !!