Friday, February 08, 2008


Today started off badly, I got up and had my shower, went back into the bedroom to dry my hair, as usual I sat on my bed rubbed my hair switched on the dryer and was starting to dry my hair when I got soaked by a deluge of water pouring through the light in the bedroom! Beth told me that she had heard dripping from above the room, so Tom was sent into the loft to see what was happening.
While we were getting the loft ladder sorted out water started to come through the ceiling in the upstairs hall, downstairs below the stairs and through the heating trunking into the kitchen. Beth ran around with pots and pans, I turned up the mattress to stop that getting wet.
Tom discovered the problem, the cold water inlet into the water tank has a small U bend in it directing the water downwards into the tank, for some unknown reason this had come off and the water was shooting straight up and going outside the tank and into the loft.
Tom managed to fix it back on with the temporary aid of a hair bongo. We need to get it fixed properly as now everytime water goes into the tank it is too close to the overflow outlet and causes the overflow to activate.
The thing we forgot about was the airing cupboard, that was directly below the water tank so when I opened that it was flooded as well, loads of towels and linens soaking wet, looks like I have some washing to do over the weekend !
So just as I thought that it was save to go to work, I went out to get into the car only to find I had a flat tyre!! (I blame this fully on the previous owners who have quite obviously sold us a substandard vehicle!!) By the time we had sorted that out I was well and truly late. Thank goodness Tom was at home, he hasn't had a restful couple of days off!!


gina said...

Oh dear, you have had a bad day, hope it all brightens up for you soon
Gina x

Debbielou said...

Oh dear !! As Malc is to blame for the car - I'll send him round to inflate it with only the use of a straw and use it to suck up your water afterwards! ( there again last time he came around on his own you spent half an hour scraping cat turd off his trainer !!)

Good job Tom is Mr Fix it

Hey it's the Euro lottery tonight - and you could be lucky -

One question - What is a hair bongo? - a type of drum made out of scalps?? Hope your weekend gets better xx

Kim Marie said...

oh, Lyzzy! And that was only "one day in your life"! The sun will come out tomorrow! :)
Kim Marie

Manna said...

{{{HUGS}}} to you dear Lyzzy! Hope your weekend will turn out better!

suzann said...

Oh my goodness! I can't imagine the panic if I saw water raining in on my house. I hope there wasn't any structural problems from water. Good thing you have a man who is handy around the house and could get things fixed up. My husband is definitely not handy!!


LuLu said...

What a disaster ! I know how you feel about the water escaping where it shouldn't! I was off work with gastroenteritus and went downstairs just to get another bottle of water. As I was walking through the sitting room,I noticed a bulge in the ceiling. As I looked up, the ceiling collapsed showering me with warm water! The hot water tap had broken! The worst part was having to turn all the water off when I was in desperate need of the bathroom on a regular basis ! ! The plumber who came to my rescue was great and got the leak fixed asap. However the ceilings were another matter !

Maureen said...

OMG!! so sorry to hear of your "disaster"! Thankfully you got through it and now hopefully you are having a good weekend...and I wish you a GREAT week too!

Katie said...

OMG! Good job you weren't by yourself. Just what you need first thing in the morning and on a work day too!!
Hope things are ok now?