Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tonights the Night.

Well its weigh in week again, but tonight I am not feeling very confident, it feels as if I have had a bad week, but I have tried very hard to be good. We'll see. I have been busy at work and tomorrow I have a conference in Cambridge, still keeps me off the street I suppose.
I am itching to get started on my invitations for my Silver wedding Reception, the only problem is I can't exactly decided what design I want. Being mean (or frugal) I want to make them out of stash I already have, I have a ton and really don't need to be buying more. So when I thought about it I don't really need to make them all matching as no one will see what everyone else has got!! So that ping of inspiration means I can use up a lot of my stuff AND make them individual!!!


Debbielou said...

I know that the cards will be beautiful - they always are.
I thought you looked great today when I saw you also ! xx

Ginger Claire said...

Some help is on the way - well it will be when I get to the post office tomorrow!!

suebaru said...

Well last night wasn't too bad!Talk soon xx