Friday, August 28, 2009

The Falcon!!!!

This year there was a new ride at Duinrell, the incredibly quick but scary Falcon. The carriages contain 8 people and right at the start the riders find themselves lying on their backs looking at the sky!! Very shortly afterwards they are face down heading towards the ground. Beth was not sure about going on, so it was the end of the week before she gave in and when she had been on once there was no stopping her!!

This photo was the first time for Carl, Sam and Georgie.

This time it was Malcolm's turn with Georgie, Beth and Carl.
I really love the feel of the park at Duinrell, its never too busy even in the high season!!
It feels safe and the kids enjoyed it!


Maureen said...

hoo boy...there goes my stomache!!! LOL I would take my students to an amusement park but would have to load up on dramamine so I could go on a few rides with them...GULP...

Kim Marie said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! Sorry, I just had to scream for effect...that's what I always do on the way down!!! ;)
Kim Marie