Saturday, August 22, 2009

We are back.

I can't believe that two weeks have gone in a flash, it seems like yesterday that we were frantically preparing for the holiday, trying to sort everything out. Now its gone.
We have had a very good time, this year the weather has been everything that it wasn't last year. We only had one wet day, last year we only had one dry day!
I have lots of photos to upload and share, but at the moment I am wading my way through piles of washing.
We left Wassenaar this morning at 9am, the plan was to drive to Gent in Belgium (on the way home) and take a look around there, but the traffic was quite heavy and we ended up with a quick 45 minutes while grabbing a roll for lunch. I am quite proud that I drove all the way home, through 4 different countries. We usually share the driving but Tom had a bit of an incident with a go kart last night and is nursing sore ribs and a bruised shin. I even drove onto the ferry, a job usually reserved for 'men' (its strange just how few women drive cars onto the ferry!!) Its all good practice for when I go away in December when I will be the only driver on a visit to Bruggs.
The other big news is that while we were away we had a new bathroom fitted, so I was really pleased to come home and find that it looks beautiful, it echos a lot at the moment as it needs flooring and a blind, but I am very pleased with it, I am even more pleased not to have been here during the fitting process!!
Right on with the washing, can't wait to download the pictures!!


Raymonde said...

Welcome back, sound as if you had a good time. Looking forward to seeing the photos and you for a big hug. xxx

Sue said...

Welcome back! glad the hol was great..sorry it went so quick ( they always do!) and bathroom sounds great :)