Sunday, August 23, 2009

Under a pile of washing

I am always amazed about the amount of washing that four people can generate in two weeks. Particularly as I feel I have been virtually living in the same clothes for most of that time!! Today I have done 8 loads, the washing hasn't been the problem its the line space to dry it all, so I have taken two loads around to put on mums airer.
I have finally downloaded my photos just the 450 of them, not all my own handiwork, Beth has obviously been using the camera on the quiet so I have some pics that I knew nothing about!!

We crossed from Dover to Dunkirk, which is a two hour ferry ride, The sea was as calm as a pond and we had a very lovely journey. This shot of the ferry almost makes it look like an exotic cruise ship!

Its not often even in the middle of summer that you can stand on deck without a thick coat!! Here we are with our holiday buddy Debbie Hula Muma.

This year we stayed at Duinrell a great site in the town of Wassenaar in Northern Holland. The town seems quite affluent it has a sort of Disney feel to it (as in the town of Celebration) lots of nice little shops, coffee shops, flower shops and all a short way from the site. When we booked last year we asked to be in roughly the same area, the company we go with has 70 vans in the park, so we thought there would be a good chance, but when we got there we were miles from where we wanted to be and we were not impressed. The kind manager did eventually offer us a change of caravan but we had to wait a couple of days.
Last year we were pestered by seagulls, this year the site was under new management, Jackdaws. I have never seen so many. There were flocks and flocks of them. They were tame and cheeky, coming right up to the decking and eating out of your hand. They were very obliging and happily posed for photos!!
I hope once I have sorted my photos out that I will be able to post a few more!!


Maureen said...

I know - its funny how the laundry increases exponentially on a trip!! Its like the lost sock phenomena...LOL anyway...can't wait to see the rest of your always take such great shots!

Raymonde said...

Lovely photo on deck. We like Duinrell also. The gigantic slide is a favorite.
Nice to have you