Sunday, August 02, 2009

This is why you should not drink and take photos.

Last night we went to Barbecue at our friends house, John and Madeline. We all went, and it was nice to see Tom and Grace again and Laura came with us so there was a lot of chat about times past when we all used to go to Centre Parcs together.
John really pushed the boat out, stocked up on gas for the barbie, he went to the local hire centre and paid by card, he showed us the receipt for £22.500 which we thought was a whole lot of gas, so we thought we were in for a whole lot of cooking!! He did cook a really lovely barbie, all the usual fare chicken, sausages and burgers,lovely. He also drank his way through several bottles of wine while Mad and I had at least a couple of bottles of Sangria. We felt quite virtuous because the fruit in the drink counted towards one of our five a day.
By the end of the meal the food was gone and John started to serve pudding, didn't really matter what we asked for because by that time he was beyond caring or coping with personal requests. Madeline was served the very unusual dessert of cheesecake and hot custard!!! Yum !
On to the photos.......

I took this lovely shot of Mad, sadly not taking into account the lemonade bottle in front of her!!

I was requested to do a group shot. (won't be asked again!!)

I got closer on this one, just a row of heads AND out of focus, nice study of the ceiling though.

This one , a jaunty angle!!

Bingo !!!!!
I wonder how John is this morning??? He was having real problems walking and stringing words together when we left. I thought I might suffer as a result of the Sangria, but so far so good.


Sue said...

PMSL!! Good day then ??

Brodders said...

Fab *giggles*

Jen said...

Lyzzy you nutter! I read this on the iPhone and was giggling away to myself, but I waited till I could type with both hands (far easier!) to post. Hysterical!!

Maureen said...

thanks for the laugh!!! Great pics there sistah!!! hahahaha still giggling!!