Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beach Bum Fun.

A few more pictures from the holiday, this year we were far happier with the weather, we were able to get on the beach quite a few times, each time it was 'interesting' Those Europeans as far less inhibited than us Brits. Just sitting on the beach trying to keep your eye on the kids revealed loads of things that should have never been revealed on a beach!!!
On one of the visits we set up camp in our usual place, on a sand dune looking over the beach down towards the sea, we had been there a short while when a couple turned up and decided that topless sun bathing was the order of the day. Tom, Carl and Malcolm suddenly developed an interest in looking at what the kids were doing (behind their sunglasses!!)

The kids started at the top of the dune behind us and jumped and rolled all the way down, covering everyone with sand.

Carl was buried by Georgie. (its traditional!!)

Next a game of 'something' on the beach, the wind always picks up and you can never hit the 'thing' anyway! Just behind the boys was a family, again obviously European of some sort, because the lady just stripped off her wet costume, (without the aid of a towel to preserve her modesty) she managed to get one foot in her knickers, but tangled her other foot and fell flat on her face, giving us all a view of her ample bottom!!! There were lots of sniggers all around.

Beth went down to the water and came running back to report a 'blue' jellyfish , there were a few of them, this disappeared back into the sea.

Sam and Beth loved to pose for cheesy photos!

One final incident on the beach happened on a boiling hot day, the beach was packed and our favourite spot was taken, so we had to move further along the beach and slog down the dune to sit on the flat sand. We had been there chatting for a while when a group of teenage lads turned up with a couple of footballs. They set up camp some way behind us. The men took the kids off to buy ice cream. Deb, Carl and I were sitting there when the balls started to head in our direction. People behind jumped up and started to shout at them in Dutch. The next ball hit Carl with some force, although he had been looking and was able to bat it away, well Deb was on her feet in a flash and started off after their ball clad only in her swimming costume. She gave up after it ran on and on, but she shouted at them and when the ball headed our way she said she was going to kill the ball. They seemed to under stand and they sent one of the lads over to say sorry, she told him she would kill the ball, he though she said she would kill him, he was shocked!! The people behind ended up taking the ball and putting it in the bin!!


Travis Erwin said...

I could use a day at the beach. Minus the jellyfish.

Raymonde said...

I can hear the laughter from the photos, looks like a really fun time of people watching. xxx

Sue said...

Fab photos..LOVE the jelly fish ..never seen a blue one .cool!