Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Goodbye Summer.

1st of September and the summer is on the way out. Only a week until School starts again, the weather seems to have turned and I am going to have to look for my coat again.
Today has been a tough one, we have had to move our office. Its so labour intensive we packed up around 50 crates last week, only to have to unpack them this morning at the new location. We were dependent on the removal men delivering the filing cabinets and the cupboards so that we could unpack. They decided to deliver the crates first and leave us to twiddle our thumbs until the furniture arrived. The IT guys had to set the PC's up on the floors as the desks were 'in transit' The single most annoying thing was that we could see our old office from our new office and we couldn't get things moving !!
Tomorrow Dad is going into Papworth Hospital in preparation for his heart bypass on Thursday, so mum is going to stay with my brother who lives in Papworth so that they are close at hand. Fingers crossed that all goes well and that he is back at home as soon as possible.
We are continuing preparations for moving Carl into his room at Middlesex University. There seems to be a lot to do, I think we have most things, but he needs to go out and get himself some new clothes and shoes. I want to see where he will be living just so that I know where to find him!!!
To end on a positive note, my bathroom is still lovely!!!!


Jen said...

Here's wishing your dad all the best for his op. And Carl for his new start, and you too, with your new office! Such a lot happening....

Raymonde said...

You certainly don't do things by half this week!! Your Dad is in my prayers.
To answer your question about the bucket, it is actually an empty kitchen paper roll I stuck on the end of the zoom of my camera one evening after dinner. It looked funny!!

yvonne said...

Wishing your dad a speedy recovery