Tuesday, September 15, 2009

14th September - Day 10 Post Op.

I have been missing in action, lots been happening and no time to do anything at home. The house is a tip and I just can't catch up.
We went to see dad on Sunday evening and he seemed to be doing really well, up and about, dressed and taking himself off to the loo and day room. The staff were concerned about potassium levels and were giving him an infusion to settle that down. All seemed well and he was making plans to get home.
Last night at 10pm (Keith had been in during the evening and he was fine) The hospital phoned to say they had taken him back to ICU. Which has been a big shock for all of us. Keith chatted to the doctors and they explained that the potassium levels were very high and that they needed to monitor him closely and that was better done from ICU. Keith and I decided not to tell Mum as she was already asleep.
This morning they are still working on the problem and Keith has been in to see what is going on. They are reassuring saying that they hope to have this under control hopefully as soon as possible. So fingers crossed.


Sue said...

Thinking of you all , i know how worrying it all is :( Sending your dad lots of love and hoping he is out again soon and home xxx

suebaru said...

Hope all goes well xx