Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15th of September - Day 11

Dad has been in ICU for the whole of the day, they have him on monitors and they have put the lines back in for dialysis. They have started dialysis and this has started to bring the blood levels down. Dad is very upset and angry and really can't see why he is back in there again. Keith has been on the ball and has asked all the questions and has told dad why. We are trying to understand why this is happening and it seems that this problem may be a hang over from a previous operation when the same thing happened. There may have been some kidney damage from that operation.
The trouble with ICU is that its a horrible place to be, lots going on , lots of seriously ill people and its very scary. This time dad is conscious and aware of all that. We just have to hope that this does the trick and he gets stronger. Hopefully his kidneys will start to get better and do the whole job required of them!!

Today I took a trip over to the Halls of Residence where Carl will be staying, we wanted to drop off a few bits, to make the final drop off a little easier. Its a typical student place. There are 'flats' on each floor with 6 individual rooms. There is one large kitchen diner with cooker, fridge, freezer and microwave.

This is the main door to Carl's flat, he looks out the back over a large patch of grass and some allotments.

He is on the ground floor, the room is tiny but adequate, he has borrowed a fridge from our neighbours which you can just see under the table behind the chair. He has been given strict instructions not to store food in the fridge, as its a special 'drinks only' fridge!!!

The corner of the room has a 'bijoux' en suite, wet room. I think looking at the position of the shower he will have to take evasive action to keep his toilet paper dry!!! He will have fun, he has already met three of the other flat residents who thought he was moving in today, so they immediately invited him out for a drink. It was hard to drag him away!! I feel happier now I have seen the place.


Travis Erwin said...

I have been avoiding the internet so this is the first I've read of your dad's illness. Wishing him and your family well.

Jenn Jilks said...

Pretty tough, isn't it - the sandwich generation?

At least you know your one man is doing well.
I remember leaving my daughter at University!

Take good care.

debby4000 said...

Sorry to hear your Dad's back in ICU.
You may want to invest into a food only small fridge, food in a shared fridge tends to be shared with who ever is hungry!
Toilet Roll in the bathroom getting wet will be unlikely cos usually there isn't any!

Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

thinking of you Lizzy, huge hugs and positive thoughts coming your way.
Anna xx