Friday, September 04, 2009

The Day after - Day 1.

Dad had his operation yesterday lunchtime. He was planned for 12pm, but in the end went down a little later than that. The operation was a success. My brother and mum went into see him last night. Mum was very upset, Keith was realistic and said when they saw him he was only just back in intensive care around one hour post op, so he wasn't expecting him to look too brilliant.

Keith went in this morning on his way to work and was pleased to see that Dad was conscious but still on a ventilator. Staff said he had had a rough night but was doing OK, his blood pressure is still on the low side and his oxygen is also low which is why they are leaving him on the ventilator. Keith said that although he couldn't speak he was able to recognise him and let Keith know that he was cold. So all positive signs. We are going over this afternoon to see him.

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