Saturday, September 19, 2009

September the 19th - Day 16.

Again I have failed to update my blog its all been going on here, Carl has got away to Uni, he finally left yesterday afternoon with a fully laden car. I was hoping that we would be able to go with him and help him settle in, but it seems that he had other ideas, he wanted to do it himself. He can keep his car at the halls of residence, so there was no real reason to go once he had managed to pack all his stuff in the car. I have had a couple of Text from him, one to say he had arrived and that all his flat mates were now in residence as well. Another to say that they had had a welcoming talk. Not heard a thing this morning, so he's either drunk or sleeping it off!!

Good news with regards to dad. He has had blood tests this morning and has been told pending the results he can come home this afternoon. The dialysis was stopped 4 days ago and his potassium levels have been stable and dropping which hopefully indicates that his kidneys are working again. They are expecting the results any time soon.

Sadly just after he was transferred back to the ward, there was an 'incident' a man from a ward upstairs either fell or jumped out of a window. Dad said that you feel so confused that you feel like you are living through some sort of experiment. The ICU is above where dad is so I wonder if the poor chap was confused and had no idea what he was doing. The doctors managed to save the man but he has extensive bone injuries to add to his heart problems. Poor dad was party t the whole episode as they had to go through his ward to gain access to where he fell.

So fingers crossed for today and his imminent release from captivity!!

Last week I bought myself a set of drawers from a boot sale, I am about to sand them down and paint them, a nice project for the weekend!! (I also bought a candelabra to alter, want to do that NOW as well!!!)


Brodders said...

Pleased that Carl has got to uni safe and well and seems to have got settled ok.
Also pleased your dad is making good progress Lyzzy but totally dreadful nes about the chappy :(

Sue said...

Must feel strange without Carl but glad he has settled in :)
So happy about your dad :) :)
Awful about the poor poor man.
Enjoy your painting hun xx