Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday the 6th September Day Three post Op.

Today we started off at the local boot sale, We are in need of a mini fridge for Carl's room at Uni, but of course while there were a round a dozen of them last week when we didn't want one, there were only two this week both pink and not suitable!! It leaves me just the one week to try and find something suitable before he is off.

We then went to see Dad, I have been having regular reports from my brother and mum so I knew that he was OK. Keith had said that they had been in and made sure they encouraged him to have breakfast and lunch. He ate a big bowl of soup and two blocks of ice cream, so they were pleased. After lunch he became agitated, he decided that he didn't want the oxygen mask on any more so made a concerted effort to get rid of it. They tried to talk to him and tell him that it was essential, but he was determined, he wanted to go. He really left them with no alternative but to give him some sedation and allow him to sleep with the mask on. He was asleep when we got there and only chatted for a few words. He knew Carl, Keith and I were there, but wasn't able to chat.

On the positive side, they have removed another drain, a heart monitoring line and they have switched off the pace maker which was supporting his heart. He is still on kidney dialysis, but we think that's a good thing, giving his kidneys a chance to recover. Tomorrow they are going to get him up, hopefully getting him to move will enable him to clear his chest and as a result improve his oxygen absorption leading to the eventual removal of the hated oxygen mask!!

Carl had his first experience of ICU today (not one he wants ever to repeat) and he has made a very valid point, Dad perhaps doesn't know what is going on fully so doesn't know why the mask is there. He had been working towards a text book 24 - 48 hours in ICU plus 24 hours in High Dependency followed by a short stay on the ward, then home. Unfortunately not everyone is going to follow the text book scenario and Carl thinks that is affecting his mood and co-operation. So tomorrow Keith is going to go in and explain everything to him. He is doing well, he is just doing it at his own speed.

Its small steps but it is small steps in the right direction and that's what counts.

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