Thursday, September 03, 2009

Today is the Day

Here we go again, dad is in hospital and his operation is planned for 12pm. He spoke to me last night and said he has been examined by just about every Doctor in the hospital!!
He has been told that he is second on the list, the op will take around 4 hours and all being well he will be returned to high dependency unit this evening. After that if he progresses as expected he will return to the main ward in the next few days. So fingers crossed that all goes to plan.

Beth is enjoying the last few days of her school holiday, seems most of the kids go back today or tomorrow, she doesn't go back until next week. Carl is getting things together for Uni, he needs to buy some clothes and shoes. I won't be happy until I have seen where he will be staying.

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Jen said...

Thinking of you all and best wishes to Dad x