Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday 5th September 2009 - Day Two Post Op.

This morning Keith has gone in to visit, its such a bonus having the hospital virtually at the bottom of his garden! He said that dad looked fine and staff said he had a reasonable night. They are hoping to get him up today which is amazing ! He is still hooked up to a few machines, but there's no problem with that. I hope the dialysis has helped things.

Today we have a couple of gardens to water, Beth is doing next doors and we will do Dads again. Beth has spotted a jumble sale so we are off to there for the opening at 11am who knows what treasures we'll find!! I am hoping that today I might get some crafting done, I want to make some bits for the bathroom. I need to add something to make it less clinical and white. The floor tiles are a sandy beige colour and we have some similar coloured tiles as accents in the shower, so I am thinking something in the same shade. I think shaped lavender bags, I have loads of lavender and some drawers where they can slip over the handles. I'll have to get the sewing machine out! I must take some photos of the bathroom!!


Jenn Jilks said...

I don't know if they warned you, Lyzzy, after heart surgery they are at risk for depression. Just something to watch. They seldom tell you possible symptoms, in my experience. My ex-late-father-in-law had a triple bypass, pacemaker, angina, adult onset diabetes. They discharged his wife into his care, after she had chemo for lung cancer/brain/tumour and it had metasized. He had another heart attack caring for her alone at home. This was 25 years ago. We've learned a lot since. Including the questions to ask about recovery. There are risk for seniors in hospital. This is why they are getting him up!
All the best. Sounds like things are under control!

Sue said...

Glad your dadis doing ok :)