Thursday, September 17, 2009

September the 16th - Day 12.

Good News!! Wednesday evening dad finished his treatment in ICU and was returned to the ward from where he came! We are not sure as yet what is happening, he still has the dialysis lines in, mum seems to think that they will be sorting them out tomorrow. Keith is exhausted so he hasn't been in today, so we are not sure what is happening. We are pleased that he is again taking a step towards home.
Tonight we went to Asda to buy the last bits and pieces that Carl needs for Uni, It was mainly things like toiletries. We also stocked up on some basics for the food cupboard, beans, tinned stuff, pasta, rice, biscuits, nuts (?) hot chocolate, He will have to go to the local shops for perishables. Earlier in the week he went out and bought more clothes and shoes. The only thing I can see him needing is a new bag. He struck lucky at Tesco. I was lucky and got a £5 off cider till spit. So he went and bought a case, the lady on the till told him that the voucher was working twice, so he got twice as many!!
Freecycle came up trumps again tonight, last week we managed to get a washing machine for Laura, tonight the same guy was offering a cooker, I emailed him again and he came back straight away and offered it to us. I am pleased because that is the last major piece if equipment that she needs. The down side is that it is on the top floor of a block of flats with no lift, we will need to move it before Carl goes on Friday.....


Jenn Jilks said...

Good news! On both fronts!

Jen said...

So glad dad is improving. It must be very hard for you all. On the plus side, glad Carl's al sorted :). Sorry you'll miss him though xx

Wendy said...

Sorry your family has been going through all of this! But it seems that there has been good news, too. There is a lot to be grateful for!