Thursday, September 10, 2009

September the 10th 7 days post Op.

Well lost of things have happened in the past day or so. Dad continues to improve (thank goodness) He is now free of all tubes and today he walked half the length of the ward. I was able to talk to him on the extortionately priced 20p a minute bedside phone, he sounded weak but knew where he was, who I was and what day it was. I even tested him to make sure and he was spot on!!! I am still amazed at how quickly things can turn around, so the reverse of that is that the same must be possible on the negative side, so I am still keeping my fingers crossed!!

Yesterday I finally managed to secure a washing machine off of Freecycle. (a fantastic resourse where people give away items they would have sent to land fill) I had answered a few messages but had always missed out. I finally won last night and was offered a machine. It was a good news bad news situation, Good news got a machine, bad news its on the 3rd floor of a block of flats with no lifts. Carl and Tom managed to get it down and into the car, just need to get Andy to plumb it into Laura's flat.

Just because I have nothing else to do Carl asked if I could take him and a 'couple' of friends over to Liquid in Stevenage. So at 9.30 last night I loaded the car with five girls and Carl and took them off to boogie. They landed back at 2.30am!!

More good news, this morning Carl received a letter from school telling him that he had won two awards, The Ray McHugh Trophy for Drama award (for the second year running!!) and the snappily named 'Hill Cup for Special Contribution to Nicholas Breakspear School by a 6th Form Boy award 2008/09' !!!! So it will be a real family affair on prize giving night!

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Raymonde said...

You seemed to be non-stop. Hope you are also able to look after yourself. Such good news about your Dad. Love you lots. xxx