Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday 4th September 2009 - Update.

Today Beth, Tom, Mum and I went to see dad. He is in ICU but he is next to the window and waiting to go in to see him we were able to see him sitting up in bed.

When we went in he was off the ventilator and breathing for himself, he was wired up to loads of machines but he was able to talk to us and he recognised us. We asked him if he wanted to see Beth as she definitely wanted to see him. He said yes and the nurse said OK for a couple of minutes. So she popped in he was pleased to see her. Beth was good but found it a bit emotional when she came out, She was glad to have seen him and she said it was worth a few tears.

Dad is making good progress, its only day one and he is looking better than he did on day 21 of the last encounter with ICU!! They are concerned about his kidney out put and they have decided to assist him with some dialysis. This also happened last time the difference being last time they didn't start dialysis until 4 weeks in. I hope that this time it will give his kidneys the best chance of recovering.

Keith and Nicky saw him tonight and Keith said that he was tired but doing well. Fingers crossed it continues.

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Raymonde said...

Thank you for sharing your news and they are good to read. So pleased to hear your Dad is recovering well. Lots of hugs. xxx