Monday, September 28, 2009

Glad I was lying down.

On Sunday afternoon we took a trip to the great town of St.Evenage. This was primarily to buy some more coat hangers from the ace of all shops 'Poundland' Anyone who knows me will know that I swear by the shop, you can get most things from there and all for only a pound.
Anyway we went in with two baskets and stocked up on shampoo's and conditioners and all sorts of medical bits and pieces.
Beth came with me and was fully taken in by the huge amount of Halloween goodies on the shelves, so I ended up buying her face paint, stripey tights, fangs and a cape. Carl also stocked up as he is planning to have a party or two at Uni.
On the way back to the car we passed a 'Dreams' the home of comfortable beds, well I have been thinking about getting a new mattress for some time, so I went in. The assistant came up to me and started with the bed info and corny jokes, he led me around the shop asking me to get into bed and try a few out!! So there I was with my bags of shopping laying on the beds while he told me all about their virtues, pocket springs, open coil, latex and memory foam. I tried out loads. They all seemed better that what we presently have. So as I was being lulled into full relaxation he asked me to try out his 'special' bed, a 3000 pocket sprung memory foam topped sooper dooper mattress. As I positioned myself he asked 'are you hot in bed'?? Well its been a while since I have been asked that!!! He said that if I was I might find the memory foam too warm (phew!)
So there I am in a state of pure bliss, when he hits me with the biggie, it seems that this mattress is the one that everyone aspires to, the pinnacle of mattress making in Great Britain today. He whispers to me that this mattress could be mine tomorrow if I just handed over to him £1300!!! WHAT????? How can a 4ft 6in mattress possibly cost that much? he goes on to tell me that its on special offer, 1/3 off of the full retail price and if I like it he can arrange a loan for me straight away.
That was a real eye opener, I was up and away, I am now searching the internet for something similar for considerably less money!!!!

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Raymonde said...

You are so funny!!!