Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Again.

Yesterday Dad was released from captivity, so I took mum over to the hospital to collect him. He was ready when I got there, but of course the discharge notes and the drugs were not. Eventually we were on our way with a list of instructions and a bag of tablets. We have to make sure that his GP does a blood test on Monday to confirm that his blood levels are stable. If they are not it is now down to the GP and the local hospital to sort him out. He got home had a bath and watched the telly, all good things to do!!
Carl seems to be settling in well to Uni, I have no idea how he is going to be able to find time to study, its been one long party so far, which he is coping with, must be so hard for him!!!
I have been painting drawers, I bought a nice set of drawers for my bedroom, but they needed painting and tidying up. I have nearly finished them. There are 6 drawers and 12 knobs, so although I would like to replace the knobs the number will make it expensive, I may have to look at creative ways to redecorate the original knobs! So shopping today and then its headlong into another week.


Kim Marie said...

Glad your dad has escaped! ;)
Don't forget to post a pic of your restored creation, knobs and all!
Kim Marie

Raymonde said...

I am so pleased your dad is back home.
It also sounds as if your big boy is doing really well on his own. Lots os love. xxx

jen said...

So glad he's home! Phew! Take care xxx