Monday, August 03, 2009

Let the Countdown begin.

I can hardly believe that we are in the final countdown for our holiday. I still have much to do and only a few days to do it in. Add to that the issue with stripping out the bathroom, this last week should be fun.
Strange thing is that I simply don't feel in the holiday mood yet I think its because I have so much to do that I haven't even started the 'lists' I am trying to keep the house reasonable so that all we have to do is pack. I have far too much on my mind to relax into it.
We are having a new bathroom fitted while we are away and just for good measure this morning while I was in the shower, the shower head came off in my hand, this resulted in a pressurised jet of water shooting all over the place and eventually making its way through the kitchen ceiling. We have no luck with water. I will have to go and get a new hose as we can't manage for the rest of the week being pressure washed!!


Sue said...

How exciting and holiday AND new bathroom when you get back :D Prefect !
I'll be squatting ..whats the addy again ;);)

Kazz said...

If I can help out in any way matey - you know where I am..