Friday, July 31, 2009

Here comes the weekend..

Its been a long week, what with work and school holidays its seems to have gone on forever. Carl has been at scout camp and Tom has been getting over his chest infection, with me working poor Beth has been a bit abandoned. She has filled her time well, she has systematically cleared out her bedroom, several bags of rubbish plus a few bits for eBay and the charity shop. She has worked miracles. She still has a little bit to do, but it looks a hundred times better already. She has plans for the rest and I really feel she may well achieve them this time!!
Tom has started the thank less task of stripping off the cladding and chipping off the tiles from the bathroom walls. Another soul destroying job which seems never ending. We have been gradually taking the rubbish to the dump. That in itself is a mission as you now have to separate everything out into its different bits,there is a place for unpainted wood, painted wood, metal, paper, cardboard, green stuff, glass plastic. So we were opening bags and having to sort on the hoof, I'll know for next time!!
This evening we decided to go to Ikea, primarily to look for bits to put in the bathroom, its a trip up to North London against the rush hour traffic and I was quite excited by it all. When we got there we realised that it must have been a few years since we were last there as everything had changed. We had a look around and I was quite disappointed, it was a mess of empty shelves, screwed up things and broken stuff, it felt like a jumble sale. We had a nice meatball dinner, but left spending virtually nothing, which is amazing!! Perhaps I have outgrown Ikea.
Now I am on my third load of washing and the house smells of wood smoke and wet grass, I can't ever see me getting enough time to pack for my holiday!!!

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suebaru said...

Brent Cross Ikea is awful, you need to go to Thurrock or MK (yes, I know they're further away...)