Sunday, July 05, 2009

OMG DON'T install IE 8 !!!!!

Yesterday my PC 'automatically' updated itself from Microsoft's automatic updates site. Up until now I have agreed with all the updates and they have generally updated with little or no obvious change. So without me noticing it downloads and installs IE8.
That is where my problems began, to start with it kept closing down all blogger sites citing a 'terminal error' then when I went to my favourites, they had gone. but the single most annoying thing was that a button I use 500 times a day didn't work anymore. (its the top left called recent pages, saves you having to go back and then back some more through individual pages) It seems Microsoft have decided that recent pages is disposable, that one button alone saves loads of time if you are browsing trying to find something.
There were some other annoying glitches as well, it has interfered with Outlook and if you try and click a link in a page it will not take you there. So all in all a real improvement - NOT!!!!
This morning after trawling the Microsoft support pages it became obvious that I was not the only one having issues, so I have followed their instructions and uninstalled it.
So beware if you are on automatic updates the nightmare that is IE8 could be with you sometime soon!!


Raymonde said...

Yeah you are back in my life I could not see you anymore either, I have learned how to return to previous setting also by going and searching internet. Take care, love you lots. xxx

suzann said...

OH, this is not good! Thanks for the warnings on IE8

Barrie said...

I did an automatic Microsoft update a couple of months ago. Suddenly, we couldn't burn a DVD. Of course, this happened the DAY BEFORE one of the kids had to burn a a DVD for a school project. OF COURSE. I took the PC into Best Buy, and the repair guy said that stuff like that happens all the time. Which is ridiculous!