Sunday, July 26, 2009

lazy like a Sunday morning.

This picture makes me smile, I was highlighting Beth's hair, she looks happy here, but minutes before she has been tearful, the cap was tight and having to hook through her long wavy hair with a crochet hook was not too comfortable. She was very good and I did try really hard to be as gentle as possible. It turned out fine in the end, although we were both a bit horrified when we initially took the cap off and she looked like a tiger with very pronounced stripes!!! Once it dried it became more subtle.
Before Carl went to camp he received a letter from the RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) inviting us all to a national presentation at the London Guildhall. Carl has been awarded a certificate of Thanks and a certificate of Merit in recognition of the work he carries out on behalf of the society. But best of all he was nominated for and has won 'Young Lifesaver of the year' for 2008!!!!
So I must buy a posh frock and get ready for the awards ceremony in October.
Why are weekends so short???


Jen said...

Woweeee! Go Carl :). Can we have a pic of Beth's hair??

Raymonde said...

Wow, you really are a blessed mum with children having in a spectacular year!! More photo opportunities. Lots of love. xxx

Debbielou said...

Fantastic well done Carl! and Beth can't wait to see your new hair do x