Sunday, July 19, 2009

Phew Close Shave!!!!

This past week has been interesting, plenty going on as per usual, and plenty of things left to sort out before we go on holiday. The weather has been very mixed some nice sunny bits, but some torrential rain with thunder and lightening thrown in. Its nice after the storm when the air is clear and it saves watering the garden!!
On Friday school finished, amazing where that year has gone. Carl came home from his holiday, arriving here at 7am on Saturday morning. He had a miserable flight with a sore throat and blocked ears, streaming nose. Once he got up I took him to the emergency doctors. (You have to phone up, advise them what it is, they give you an appointment and then you turn up) We went in and sat in the waiting room, the Doc was running 50 minutes late, so we were in there that long just waiting. eventually she came out and called him in gloved up wearing a face mask! Well that put the wind up other people in the waiting room and poor Carl was embarrassed. If he had of been contagious he had been in the room for 50 minutes, a bit late for a face mask at this stage.(I was convinced that he had tonsillitis, he gets its regularly so I had already had a look at his throat and it looked like that) I felt sorry for a mum in there with her two children she must have been mortified thinking she had taken her children into a place where they could catch swine flu.
Anyway it turned out to be tonsillitis so Carl came out and said loudly 'you're all OK its tonsillitis'!!! The Doc said it had got a fair hold and has given him a hefty dose of antibiotics a weeks supply 500mg four times a day, kill or cure !
Anyway hopefully he will be on the road to recovery now.

This week I have been taking more photos in the garden, the sunflowers are coming on leaps and bounds, I swear you can just about see them growing. Last week the biggest ones were just below the height of the fence, this week they are 30Cm's taller than the fence. Some of them are going to stay small and one has even flowered, head pointing into our garden!! The ones that go above the fence always look into the neighbours garden!

We have had some of those strange plants flower again, I must go back and search my blog to find out what they are called. They are really pretty.

Here is another shot of the little cherries on the tree near mum and dads, yesterday I decided to try one, they are tiny and as bitter as can be. I expect if I was dedicated I could pick enough to make jam!! (I am not)

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Emergency rooms are tricky places!