Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to the Jamboree!!

Yesterday we went to the school Jamboree. It was a bit miserable on the weather front, over cast and raining on and off, it was still very warm though. There were all the traditional stalls, but because the school has a thriving livestock farm there were a few 'extras' you don't see at a normal school fair!! So we stocked up on beeswax polish and beeswax lip potion made by the resident bees and children. Laura had a go at guess the weight of the chicken, I was not too keen on picking her up, but she was calm and extremely heavy!! There were 'school' produced mutton and sausages on sale and they were taking orders for Christmas Turkeys!

The art teacher was doing 30 minute portraits, so Laura had hers done. We were all impressed with the result. I think that her eyes are particularly good. It wasn't until later when we got back in the car and looked at it again that we realised that while he had been rubbing bits out getting the glasses right, that he had forgotten to sketch in her right eyebrow! So I got my sketching stuff out and put one in.
There were loads of teachers there, the kids paid to throw wet sponges at them. Beth was deadly accurate and managed to get 3 sopping wet sponges directly on target (Her RE teacher!)
She also had a go at the sumo wrestlers with another of the teachers. It was great fun, but his height advantage got the better of Beth. Thinking back to my time at school, I am sure none of my teachers would have got involved like that!

Beth has got up with a sore throat again today, its been around 10 days now and if this is a virus as the Doctor thinks, its hanging around for ages. If it still plays up tomorrow, it'll be back down the doctors.


Jen said...

Wow, what a fab school! And I thought my primary school was pretty progressive.... You're right though - none of our teachers would have done the sumo thing OR the wet sponge thing!! LOL Sounds like you had fun :) And now your baby's off to Secondary School!!

Raymonde said...

Looks as if you had fun. I love chicken and this one is enormous, how much did she weigh in the end?

Travis Erwin said...

Looks like a good time for all.

Barbara Martin said...

For the sore throat you could try a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 6 oz of water with a half teaspoon of honey every morning for the next few days. The vinegar will get rid of any bacteria in the system and the sore throat will disappear quickly.