Thursday, July 16, 2009

A bad start to the day ......

Every morning I set my radio alarm clock to wake me at 6.50am, I like to listen to the breakfast show on Hertbeat FM. Anyway today I was eventually woken by this strange static buzz. After around 15 minutes of it I realised it was a noise coming from my radio where Hertbeat used to be. Now I was running 15 minutes late.
I had a fiddle with it, nothing, I could get Chiltern, Heart and Capital, but no Hertbeat, so it wasn't my radio at fault. So already running late I headed for the shower. We got into the car (late) and again no hertbeat, just a static buzz taunting us. I had to listen to capital and put up with all the road news from no where near me.
By the time I got back to work it was silent, no Hertbeat there either. So I checked out the website and there is no mention of it, so I am wondering of WGC has been cut off ? Perhaps they can't afford to continue funding transmission to all the local towns and it was our turn to be switched off. I am now worried that tomorrow will bring more of the same.

I want to wish my friend and neighbour well, she has got a dose of swine flu, I am tempted to go and put red crosses on her doors and windows!!! Get well soon Karen x x

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