Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tower of London.

Today Beth was on day Three of activities week, a trip to look around the Tower of London and a trip on the river Thames. It was another hum dinger of a day with the temperatures in the 30's again. So off she went armed with loads of drinks and bottle of ice. It seems some of her friends weren't so well prepared so she sold some of her drinks to them!!!!
Last night she decided that she wanted to take a camera with her, I discovered my very first ever digital camera, a Fuji fine pix 1300. The original point and shoot, low resolution and no zoom (Beth text me to ask where the zoom button was!!) It was perfect for a school trip and Beth made the most of it and took 200 shots! (mainly of her friends and the back of strangers heads, she'll learn!)Here are a couple of her better ones, I hope she takes up photography,

These poor guys must have been at melting point.

Beth looks exhausted in this photo.


Barrie said...

Can't imagine wearing a hat like that in hot weather!

Debbielou said...

Well done Beth x