Friday, July 17, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!!!

Today was the last day of the summer term, the last day in year 7 for Beth and year 13 for Carl. Amazing. Year seven was a big step for Beth and here we are at the start of the summer holidays . Everything has shot by at a rate of knots. Before you know it, we'll be buying new uniform for next term.
Carl is coming back from Tenerife tonight, he should land at Gatwick at 4.15am, he thinks that he will be in the house by 6am, I think he will be disappointed!! Its likely he will still be waiting for his luggage at 5am and its a good 90 minutes home from the airport (on a good run) It'll be good to see him back safe!!
I am really wrestling with myself over whether I should do go for it on the bead making front. I am trying to justify spending the required money on the equipment or taking further lessons to learn new skills, thus using up any money that I might be able to use on buying the equipment. Its all so difficult. I really need a fairy Godmother who will take the decision out of my hands!!!
I have managed to do some scrapping and made some cards this week, so I have been productive. I am trying really hard to get off of the computer more as I seem to waste a load of time on here. I would like to get back to swimming, just needs a bit of effort on my part. I am going to have a busy weekend again. Roll on summer holiday!!


suebaru said...

Let me now if you need a swimming buddy! ;)

Jen said...

I swim at Watford Girls in the evening (it's open 6pm to 10pm), although they are shut in August. Let me know if you want to join me :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE being active again. I miss the gym/swimming on nights I can't make it. Hope your summer goes "swimmingly" xxx