Saturday, July 11, 2009

Been a Long Week

With one thing and another this week has been a bit of an up and downer. There is so much going on that I can't see anything the other side of it at the moment. There seems to be a million things to do before we go on holiday next month. I had promised myself that I would be more organised and take with me more in the way of supplies so that we had the basics for making meals, but I don't seem to have time to go shopping here, so can't see that happening!!

Yesterday Carl flew off to Tenerife, all on his own to meet up with friends already there. We took him to St Albans railway station to start his trip to Gatwick. We were just about to leave the drop off when he cam out and asked us for £20. Seems that they don't accept his kind of debit card and he though he had picked up two twenties when he had in fact picked up a ten and a 5. The fare was £18. So I am still feeling 'done over' for twenty quid!!!! He finally got under way arrived at Gatwick with plenty of time and text me to say that he had checked in and was waiting for the off.

I checked on line and his flight got off 10 minutes late. He text from the plane to say that he was sitting next to a chatty lady and a nervous flyer!! Got another text around midnight to say he was there and getting on the bus. I can't believe that he has gone off all by himself, he is only a baby.

Today is Nicky B's Jamboree, so its bound to pour with rain. None the less we will go and support it and end up spending money to win something that someone else has thrown away!!!

Have a good weekend - Especially you Eunice, who ignored me in Hatfield yesterday too busy talking to Harry to notice me sitting in the car next to you!!!!


Sue said...

LOL . Dull but not raining here so fingers crossed for you. I get fed up with buying other peoples rubbish too..we have far too much of it here!
Have a good weekend darling xxx

suebaru said...

Aw, I remember my first 'solo' holiday...and I was younger than there's a scary thought!!