Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today I received my holiday tickets, always a reason to rejoice and start to think that the holidays are getting closer and two weeks off is just around the corner, phew!! We have travelled with Canvas Holidays for the past 25 years and every year they send the tickets in a 'nice' document wallet, usually blue and orange in colour with a pen, GB sticker, maps, tickets etc. Some years they have been radical and have changed the colour, one year it was grey, and one year it was an awful clear plastic job which cracked and was plain cheap. Well this year they have moved away from wallets and have sent a whopping big shopping bag 'thingy'. The bag will be fine for the beach but its too big to store tickets safely. I will have to dig out one of my 15 or so previous wallets!! Getting excited now!!!!

While we are on holiday we are having a new bathroom fitted, I am so pleased that its happening while we are away, hopefully it will be beautiful by the time we come home and I won't have to live through it all.

Tonight I have been busy helping Carl prepare for Cub and Scout camp starting on Friday. He has decided to have a jungle theme and re enact 'I'm a Celebrity' . So I have spent time laminating leaf shapes, making score boards, badges, stars etc. I hope the weather stays fine for them they deserve a break!!

I love to read but this week I have started on a set of books by Charlie Owen all about policing in the 70's, its just like Ashes to Ashes and its based on a local town, its one of those books where I have found myself laughing out loud, people must think I'm a head case. I can't wait to read the next two books.

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Raymonde said...

I hope you and your family have a really nice time away. Talking about books, holiday read and laughing out loud try "Deaf Sentence" by David Lodge. I have been cracking up with it. xxx