Saturday, July 25, 2009

It Does You Good.

Sometimes its nice to go out for an evening with people who you don't always see a lot of. Last night I went out with some of the mums from Beth's old school. Our children had been in the same class for most of their primary school age, but until last July we had never suggested a mums night out. Not bad considering I had seen most of these people on virtually a daily basis for the previous 7 years. Well an evening was organised, down the local pub and we decided to do it again. We have managed a couple of trips during the year, each time with a mix of people and last night we did the same again. We were lucky as my friends husband dropped us off and collected us, so we could devote our evening to Jacques cider and Vodka and coke!! with it being a local watering hole, there were loads of people that I knew. Its strange with the mix of ages that I was chatting to a girl who was in Laura's class at school.

When I got home the wrong side of several pints of cider, around midnight, Carl asked me to dye his hair for him. Today he is at scout camp (as it seems is half of Hertfordshire) and the leaders decided to hit the dye for a 'joke' so there was I dying and swaying and breathing in peroxide fumes at 1am. It came out ok, quite a brassy shade, but ok. This morning Beth wanted highlights in her hair, so I had to do them as well. They look fine as well. She is now at a birthday party so we have a bit of peace until this evening.

So with a quiet house I am going to catch up on scrapping, continue my battle with myself to talk myself out of wanting to make lamp work beads for a living and look forward to a nice meal of steak and home made chips Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Raymonde said...

You really are a super Mum, there is no way at that time of night I would help anybody dye their hair. Would love to see the photos though of the colour. xxx

Jenn Jilks said...

I remember helping my son paint black stripes in his teal-coloured hair. It is a bonding experience!
he had fuscia-coloured hair at one point. Now that he is an actor, he is everyman! But that is another story!
You go, mom, go!

Brodders said...

It could have been bad.....but glad it wasnt....what if you had passed out his head would have been singed :lol: