Friday, November 06, 2009

Chicken Weekend.

This week Tom has been helping dad with his garden, since coming home from hospital he hasn't been allowed to do any heavy work, so Tom has spent a few days with him doing the 'donkey work' . He also needs a fence panel replacing, so they needed to clear the bottom of the garden to allow the fencer to get in and sort that out.
Last week Dad decided that he would like to keep chickens, he used to have birds when he was younger and thought it would be good to have a few again. He plans to put them at the bottom of the garden.
When we were in Norfolk Beth and Laura went to a farm and were allowed to handle some tiny chicks, a couple of days old and all fluffy and yellow! Beth and Carl have always wanted to have chickens in the garden so Beth was really excited when she realised Grandad was getting some!

So Beth goes to school last Monday and speaks to the teacher who looks after the school farm, she asked him where they get their chicken coops from as her Grandad wanted one. By the end of the afternoon Beth came home to say that there was a spare coop at school and two 'spare' chickens, Mr Short said that Grandad could have them, they are young and just coming into lay. So what started out as an enquiry has resulted in a mad rush to get everything ready for their arrival on Saturday morning.

Beth is excited as she has been told she can name them!! Watch this space for more exciting chicken stories!!

Beth with one of the little chicks!

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Raymonde said...

I love chicken, you will have loads of eggs, especially if they are happy. Looking forward to hearing about them. Keep well. Maybe the only way we are going to get together is to put a date on a calendar!!?? Soon!! Love you. :) xxx