Monday, November 30, 2009

A Winter Christening.

Today was the first Sunday of Advent and the Christening of my God daughters daughter! (still with me??) Well what a day, it poured with rain, real heavy torrential rain. The Christening was at 3.30pm and by then it was very dark with heavy clouds, when we arrived at the church we were all cold and wet. It was a beautiful service small and intimate, with some lovely hymns. The Vicar asked us to wait until after the ceremony to take photos, so we did and he posed all over again.

The 'victim' was baby Bobbie, who looked beautiful in her outfit. She was tired and didn't wake up for the whole of the service! she slept on peacefully in her mummy's arms, never even opened an eye when she was handed to the vicar!

Here is the little family, Emma, Dave and Bobbie.

Mummy and baby.

Posing with the godparents, Stuart and Kate. Kate is a special lady, she is a paramedic and has the honour of being the lady who dealt with mum and dad during their recent heart attacks. When dad had his aneurysm in 2005, it was Kate who dealt and got him to the Lister hospital faster than the speed of light. This year when mum had her episode, who arrives again but Kate. To complete the hat trick she arrived again when Dad has his heart attack back in June. So we are blessed that she is so on the ball and got them to the hospital super fast.
In her off duty time, she likes to share a drink or two of anything alcoholic!! (we had an interesting experience with some vodka laced chocolate a few years ago which rendered our feet useless!)
Thank you to Laura for the photos, she is fast turning into a super photographer!!

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Jen said...

The forecast says rain "slowly dying out". I hope so! Lovely pics and what a good girl she is!!