Monday, November 09, 2009

A few photos from Norfolk.

When we were in Norfolk we decided to visit Cromer, a quaint seaside town, with a lovely pier. We stopped for lunch in a Victorian Tea shop, which looked as if it used to be an old school house.
The food was lovely and they served a mean cup of tea!! Beth made us all laugh, she told us that people from Cromer were called Cromanians!!!

Grace and Beth decided that they were more than 'good friends' they spent the whole of the afternoon hamming it up for the camera!!

In this shot they are recreating the famous scene from Titanic!!

Big Hugs!!! (With Laura and Maddy looking on!)

Here we have the 'men' returning from their exploration of the pier.

Beth and Grace at it again, Laura looking on. It was great to see Laura enjoying herself , she seemed to have a great time and I think it did her some good.

At the end of the day we discovered a little sweetie shop, I love the way John even put his glasses on to get a better look!!

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Raymonde said...

It lookds as if you all had a really good time, the people shots are great with smiling faces and even the weather was on your side. Thanks for posting more of your Norfolk escapade... xxx :)