Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet 13!!

Well where have those thirteen years gone???I can hardly believe that Beth arrived at 5.50am on Sunday the 24th of November all those years ago. Today she became a teenager, she has been looking forward to the day for some while and was up early to open her presents!
So the one above is from her friend Emily, not sure why she gave her a cactus, but it made us all laugh!!!

Tonight she had her cake and Laura and Carl came around to help celebrate. She was very lucky with presents around £80 in cash, DVD's, CD's and from us a special trip to an indoor sky diving place where she will have a couple of lessons and will end up with a DVD of her experience.

I sent an email to our local radio station asking for a mention for her Birthday, I was thrilled when she got a mention, a big mention which I recorded on my IPhone. So a big Thank You to Hertbeat FM and the Steve Folland show, you made our day!!!


Sue said...

awwww I think ill celebrate my nx birthday round your house! She looks very happy and very grown up!

Raymonde said...

Happy Birthday Beth, you look lovely, enjoy your presents and your money.
Lyzzydee, do you realise that is how long we have actually known each other? The time has flown by, you take care. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Love. Raymonde. xxx