Saturday, November 07, 2009

Welcome to the chicken girls!

This morning bright and early (well 10am on a Saturday is pretty early!!)Tom and Beth went to school and collected the girls! When they left they were expecting to collect two chickens, both aged around 6 months old. When they came home they had three!!
We have been assured that they are all girlies, but I must say we are all very suspicious of one of them, she looks like a cock, although if she is a he, he doesn't make 'cock-a -doodle- doooo' noises (yet !!!)

So here we have Grannnnnny with Maisie, aka Afro Chicken. This is a little bantam, all fluffy and pretty. She is grey but has the most beautiful blue feathers on her cheeks.We love Maisie!!

Here is Beth giving Maisie a cuddle.

Cute little Maisie, with her spectacular hair do. Its hard to tell front from back!!

Here are the other two, the one closest to the camera is Phoebe, We are concerned that she may be a Cock, the man at school, thinks she may well be a cross breed which is why she looks bigger than the other chicken. Apparently they start to crow around 17 weeks and Phoebe is older than that and hasn't started crowing (Yet). Phoebe is very confident and was first out of the coop to investigate the garden,she is not pure white, she has flecks of gold in her feathers. she likes Beth's boots and followed her around the garden.

Lastly we have Hettie, she is pure white and follows Phoebe around, although it was Hettie who first investigated the greenhouse and ate some bird seed that was hanging around in the wild bird feeders.
They are all used to being handled so we need to continue to do that to keep them tame.
We went up to the garden centre and bought them food and water bottles. Beth helped grandad clear out the coop and put lots of straw in there to keep them warm.
Finally we ordered a new hen coop online which will be delivered on Tuesday, it looks quite spectacular. It will arrived flat packed so Tom and Dad will attempt construction!!!


Barrie said...

Looking forward to hearing about the chicken adventures!

Jenn Jilks said...

Fun shots! Look forward to their progress!

Raymonde said...

Maisie is so cute, in fact they all are gorgeous. Happy chickening!! xxx