Monday, November 02, 2009

One of Those Weekends

It has been a typical post holiday weekend consisting mainly of washing, washing and more washing. I am always amazed at how much washing we generate when we are away from a washing machine for a week. The weather wasn't brilliant so we have been subjected to the noise of the tumble drier on top of everything else!
I had some things of my own to complete but failed miserably, always something else got in the way, the trouble is I am working to a deadline and that is fast approaching, I need to concentrate and got sorted, it always seems harder to do when the evenings are dark so early.
Its back to school today as well, so back into the usual routine with the slog up to Christmas. I do like this time of year but its so busy with loads of school functions.
Yesterday Beth had an audition for Blood Brothers a production next year at the Barn, it went OK although she doesn't feel very confident. The director was lovely so we will wait and see if she gets a call back.
The other big news is that we have booked our holiday for next year and thanks to Mr Tesco and his club card points we will be having two weeks in Orlando with Virgin holidays for the grand total of £890!! Bargain!! I am so pleased that we decided to collect the points, this Christmas, if it can't be bought from Tesco I am not buying it!!
Finally while out Trick or Treating on Saturday we came across this fantastic pumpkin, just one of many really professional designs, its great to see that Halloween is becoming an art form!!!


Raymonde said...

My word you are ahead with your holidays for next year, Orlando that's fantastic, any room in your suitcase, I'm coming! xxx

Jen said...

Wowee - what a deal on Orlando :) I love that pumpkin; it's amazing!