Friday, October 30, 2009

Poor Abandoned Blog.

This past week I have been away for a break, a week in Scratby. We have had a great week, two Halloween Parties plus a whole load of unseasonal warm weather. I really can't remember the last time we were able to sit outside in October (nearly November) or go for a walk on the beach without wearing heavy weight cold weather gear. This past week we haven't even needed a coat!
We spent the first weekend with our friends Madeline and John, we had decided to have a Halloween celebration a week early so we all got dressed up! Childish I know, but it was fun.

Here we have a coven of three females, a pair of zombies and a Witchy Bride!. We had a Chinese meal and a whole load of cider. We also introduced Port to a new fan, so I will have to keep my eye on her consumption!

Madeline went as a scary pumpkin headed witch, where I just stuck with witch faced Dracula (mainly because I had a witches hat and a Dracula's cape!!)

Grace and Beth went as Zombies, both of them made their costumes on the evening, liberal amount of fake blood and some adapted tee shirts!

Laura was well prepared and came with a ready made costume which was beautiful. all black and green with raggy cobwebby edges. The costume came with a black veil. We were even more impressed when she told us it came from Tesco's!!!
I have a load of photos, so I will add some more over the next few days.

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