Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura

We have hit my run of birthdays and yesterday was Laura's turn, she turned 24. How old does that make me feel?? 24 years ago our lives changed forever, no longer just the two of us, we were now a family of three. It soon became obvious that nothing would ever be quick again. No popping to the shops without hours of preparation and taking with us a ton of stuff, clothes, milk, nappies. Those first three months passed in a blur of feeding, nappy changes, night feeding more nappy changes and just when we thought that we had cracked it and she was starting to sleep through the night she caught chicken pox and we had to start all over again.
Yesterday we took her a birthday cake, but managed to forget a method of lighting the candle, so she went to the shop with Tom and was asked for ID before she could buy matches!!!! not bad on your twenty forth birthday!!

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Raymonde said...

Happy Birthday Laura, my children still remember when you came to babysit them and you were so much fun with all your drawing. Have a really good year. Lots of love.xxx