Monday, October 05, 2009

Some more.....

When we went to the Guildhall at the weekend we walked through some very interesting areas. We were walking down a road called London Wall, heading towards our destination, when we turned the corner we came across this building below. It just looks so out of place! It looks like an American Colonial house, slap bang in the centre of the City of London. Its is completely dwarfed by all the huge buildings surrounding it. The grass in front is so lush, its an oasis in a concrete jungle.
The building is known as the Girdlers Hall, and although this is a fairly modern building there has been a hall in the site since 1431, initially set up to support craftsmen who made girdles. (not what you might be thinking, originally girdle was another name for a belt.) The building is beautiful!

Below is a shot of Beth posing in Love Lane, another green patch with some beautiful sculptures and water feature or two!

A view of the Guildhall, we went into the door towards the right of the photo, but the reception was held in the building on the left.

A coat of arms inside the Guildhall quadrangle. A shot of the romantically named Love lane. I must make more of an effort to take a look around the great City of London.


Raymonde said...

Thank you for sharing your London, I could spend days and months and not get bored in that great city.
About the Christmas card, you got a handmade one last year!! You will get one this year.
As to the camera envy, don't I love your photos. Love. xxx

Raymonde said...

I know you were teasing!! Glad we can take each other not seriously at

karen said...

great pics Liz.
I love love love London and often think of our trip on that open top bus around the city.
Eating our packed lunch on the top of the bus was hilarious.
Great pic of Beth - she looks sooo grown up..!!