Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Carl !!

So where have the last 19 years gone ?? It only seems a matter of minutes since Carl arrived in the world, after a whirl wind labour. It barely seems any time since Tom and I were debating names for him. I wanted Oliver and Tom agreed with me all the way through the pregnancy until two weeks before he was born. It was then that Tom told me that he hated the name Oliver and he had only agreed to it as he was 'fed up' discussing names!!! So back to square one we didn't finally make up our minds until he was born, he looked like a Carl so that was it!!

This year we bought him another silver ring, his present last year was a silver ring but he took it off at work to wash his hands and when he went back ten minutes later it had gone, so at the last minute this year he asked for a replacement, unfortunately he has big fingers and even though I tried I couldn't find one in any of the local jewelers to fit him. So I decided to do a joke ring. You can see it on his finger in the photo above, its big and turquoise and just his colour!! Beth gave him a brilliant gold piggy bank and some shower gel. He also received money to boost up his ban account.

We pushed the boat out and bought him a birthday cake complete with 19 candles, I have to say it was the sweetest, sickliest sugar laden confection we have eaten in a long time!! He is taking the remainder back to Uni to celebrate with his new friends after their night our at TGI's. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!


Raymonde said...

Happy Birthday Carl! Hope you have a super year ahead. Enjoy uni and new friends. xxx
Well done Mum and Dad, you have a good boy there! xxx

Muckyfingers said...

Congratulations on your birthday Carl :) xXx