Friday, November 13, 2009

What ?? More Scrapbooking????

Here are a couple more layouts from my submission to ATDML, I was sent some Fancy Pants paper to use and I pushed myself into using circles. I am really happy with how this Autumn one above turned out.

Beth was able to try lots of photo techniques at the Football club after school club. I love this photo, the way the person in the background makes it look as if she has a bun on her head!!
Its a lot busier than my usual style, but I am happy with it!


Raymonde said...

I also thought she had made bunches and turned them in knots on each side of her head and the other one had been cut off in the picture, very girly like. It is only when you said that I noticed the other person. I love the layouts, thank you for the ideas. Have a good weekend. xxx

Travis Erwin said...

Looking good.